Online Coin and Points Generator for FUT 18 on your Console and PC

When it comes to become the best on FIFA 18 Ultimate  Team many people are asking themselves if it is even possible. Today I will show you it is absolutely possible to dominate the game simply by hacking and cheating on FUT 18 on your Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and your smartphone. Actually it has never been easier to use a FIFA 18 Coin Generator. Take action now and get free FIFA 18 Coins and Points by following this tutorial.


The FUT WebApp is the ultimate proof!

Ever wondered how it is possible for some gamer to already got an awesome team, lots of coins and playing in a high league even before the official release? As you know the WebApp on is released before you can buy the official game. If you took a look this year and last year you would have figure out there are some people on the leaderboard which are absolutely over powered. How is this even possible? I added some gamer by their PSN ID and asked them. “Are you working for EA?”, “How did you get this huge amount of Coins?” and some more questions. Most of them didn’t even reply, but one guy just sent me a link leading to At first it looked a bit fishy, but if this guy who was totally dominating the leaderboard tell me this is the way to go then I should really try it.

Entering and starting the FUT 18 Generator was easy. They don’t ask for private information such as password, security question or e-mail. Still I was thinking “how are they going to scam me on”. I mean without password, e-mail address and security question there is no way to scam someone. They need exactly these information to log into an account on EAs website. Also they were not asking me to download a file, so it couldn’t be a virus or something like that. I started using the FUT 18 Hack, entered my PSN ID, the amount of Free FIFA 18 Points and Coins I want and I clicked on “Generate”. After a process started it took about five minutes to finish. After some time I logged into the WebApp and I saw the amount of items changed. I couldn’t believe it! How was this possible?

This happened on 30th September 2018! This means I started the game with about 10 million FUT Coins and 200k Points. You know what this means: I could buy any player I want. It became really easy for me to win matches. The FIFA 18 Coins Hack really works on all consoles and platforms. Give it a try now!


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